The ethos of the store is reflected in its name: The Old Treehouse.

Treehouses are places designed for children to play uninhibited by adult intrusion. With roots planted firmly in mother earth, the tree represents natural beauty, strength and growth.

The house within the tree is a safe and exciting place where children can let their imagination run free. Play is an essential part of growing up. Through play children learn about the world around them.

Whether playing alone or with others, quietly or with enthusiasm, play is the way children explore their world and create imaginary ones. The toys, clothes and sundry products available within our store are in tune with this image.

Loyalty Card Scheme

We love to reward our customers with a little something. As we appreciate the support of independent store shopping, so we offer a loyalty card scheme which offers our customers a £5 discount when they have a full loyalty card. Basically for every £10 you spend, you receive a stamp on your card, when you have ten stamps - £5 is deducted!

We also love to wrap

Life can be hectic enough without having to think about wrapping paper, tape and ribbon ... so we offer a gift wrapping service which is £1 for small items and £2 for bigger items ... plain or funky wrapping paper and ribbon!

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